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Name: Haibin Wan My URL: Visit Me
My Email: Email Me Subject:: Liaoning 2000

 Liaoning '2000 Chinese Overseas Scholars Initiating Week

                         Dalian, China. 27 June - 3 July, 2000

Liaoning '2000, Chinese Overseas Scholars Initiating Week will be held
from 27th June to 3rd July in Dalian, P.R. China. It is organised
jointly by Ministry of Science and Technology, Ministry of Education ,
and the Liaoning
Provincial Government.

This initiative aims to help Chinese overseas scholars to establish
their own high-tech enterprises in Liaoning, through a co-operation week
and a high-tech forum. IT technology, bio-technology, environmental
technology, and
novel materials are most interested areas.

The organizing committee plans to invite 300-400 oversea Chinese
scholars. The committee also plans to invite 20 leading Chinese scholars
to give speeches regarding the strategic development of Liaoning
Industries in IT, bio-chemical, bio-medical, and environmental
technologies in the 21 century.

This initiative is sponsored by the Liaoning Provincial Government,
     1. Up to 100 million RMB, about 7 million, specially reserved
funds to support 100 projects selected by the committee;
     2. The Chinese scholars from European countries may receive travel
allowance for 4,500 RMB, or 400;
     3. During the week, the accommodation, transportation, food,
sight-seeing will be organised by the committee and free of charge.

Further details are available at or
at ( both are in Chinese)

The deadline for registration is 30th April, 2000. The invitation
letters will be issued in the second week of May.

If you are in the European countries, you can  register online at

A any enquiry please contact our European representative Dr Haibin Wan

27 Harvey Road
Uxbridge Middlesex UB10 0HR
United Kingdom

Tel/Fax:  +44 (0)1895 256615
E-mail  : or
Mobile:    +44(0)7939-038568

04/07/00 11:04:08
Name: Ming Ming My URL: Visit Me
My Email: Email Me Subject:: Greetings from HongKong

Hello, this is ming ming , a design student from the HKPolyU Nice to see cvk homepage, it make us keep in touch!

03/30/00 02:14:02
Name: Da-Ning Li
My URL: Visit Me
My Email: Email Me

Hi, This is to recommend a book (not a novel!) to you and to our countryman, if not interested, stop reading.

If you are very busy on your study, examination, your business, your private things ...... stop reading.

Sorry for interupt. I also know that to send you a email that you did not expected is not polite. Excuse me, I have no good way to atract your attention. This is not a commercial informaiton.
I found a book: << Thiaoouba Prophecy >> on the web >"".

It is in chinese and can be red without any Chinese programm. it tells about an Australia man, who disappeared for 10 days and after re-appeared, he said he was "kidnaped" by people on another planet(unbelieable ?). Then, he seems completely changed in his personablity. He revealed answers to many earth mystery (including where comes the first yellow and black people on the earth, who is God, whoe is Juses, Pyramid, Atlantic country .....a lot).

Scientists have debated with him on radio and TV but failed. He said on his web: if any one find a error on the book, he will win 1000 dollars! Several years past, the money is still there (as I know).

The book has been sold very hot in USA for a while. However, very soon, no bookstore want/dare to have it (even in USA!). I quess it will be the same fate in China. How can a book have such fate, no side want it?

After knowing the web editor, I am willing to help him to let more of our chinese know the book. As they said, we need not to believe, but we need to know. Try to use your knoweldge to deny it ( I did so and still doing so).

Christian might say "oh?!"; Buddhism will say "we know"; and Materialism and Capitalism both may say "we are wrong?" ...

There are several books on that website, but you can only try to find "Thiaoouba Prophecy" on the upright cornor. Their site appears not a commercial.

We do not know each other. I find your email address on the web.

If you also feel the book is worthwhile to read, please tell you friends since we know on one there. That we ourselves know is not enough. Any effort from you will be heartfully appreciated.

Sorry once again for bothering you.

Da-Ning Li

03/27/00 21:34:15
Name: Jonathan My URL: Visit Me
My Email: Email Me Subject:: Art of giving?

They are two of the richest men in the world, they're close frields, and they both believe that it's better to pass a fortune on to the society than to one's offspring. Gates has already established one of the world's largest foundations. Buffett, on the ther hand, has promised that his fortune will end up in the Buffett Foundation. The Gateses fund education and health care; Buffett champions population control. The styles are different, but both foundations are well worth watching.

Friend, you don't have to be one of the richest in the world to start giving. Neither do you have to give that much to start having a real impact on someone's life. By spending as little as $85 a year, you can help one kid finish his/her high school e uc tion in some rural areas in China. You can also be the mentor for the kid. For more informations, please check out:

There is a bridge out there between you and that lucky kid.

On behalf of SOAR Foundation

02/09/00 14:56:34
Name: Dr. Wei My URL: Visit Me
My Email: Email Me Subject:: ӹ˾Ѱдɵйѧ

ӹ˾Ѱдɵйѧ (Ab 15.02.2000) ÿ175СʱڿΪ35Сʱ,ͬһꡣ ѯ 07531/863299 () 07531/73578 () 01707274061 (ֻ)

02/01/00 14:16:55
Name: lifeswindow My URL: Visit Me
My Email: Email Me Subject:: Life's Window New Issue


The Spring Festival special issue of Life's window is now available at Enjoy!

Happy Chinese New Year!

01/13/00 19:46:57
Name: Richard Gordon
My Email: Email Me
Subject:: let's chat putonghua

I wish to practice Mandarin conversation with anyone who would like to improve English at the same time. Voice chat software is easy to download and use, you only need a microphone.

I am online for several hours every day starting at 04:00 Eastern / 10:00 Stockholm.

Anyone interested should e-mail for details.

best wishes,


01/06/00 05:15:57
Name: John
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My Email: Email Me

I introduce a good article to you:

The computer is to be closely related with the very end of the age and computer technique is become more and more hot and important. If you want to make friend with me,please send me E-mail.

09/05/99 18:29:33
Name: Huang Hong
My URL: Visit Me
My Email: Email Me

Hi, Guys.

This is Huang Hong from CCSSA(Calgary Chinese Student and scholar Association). I need your help.

We have been working very hard on an online magazine call "Life's window" for a while, and finally we got the first edition available online now at .

Could you forward this following message to your mailing list? And could you manage to add a link of the Life's window somewhere in your web site, so people can access it after this email. And I will do the same thing for you.

Thanks a lot & Keep in touch.
Huang Hong
The Life's Window Magazine CCSSA (Calgary Chinese Student and Scholar Association)
University of Calgary, Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Hello, everybody!

A brand-new "Life's Window" online magazine is now available at .
You can access that web site by either following the link presented above or visiting CCSSA's web site: .

Write for Life's Window--A Chinese Magazine in North America

First published on-line in 1993, Life's Window (Chuang Kou) was an influential on-line magazine among Chinese Students in North America. It had been sponsored by the Chinese Students' and Scholars' Association in the University of Calgary, Canada. Un ortunately, the publication of Life's Window had been stalled in recent years for various reasons. Here, we--new editors of Life's Window--invite you to join us in bringing it back to life again. May our joint effort turn it into the true window of our ife as the name of the magazine suggests.

Life's Window is from our life, of our life and for our life. We want to record your knowledge, experience, and feeling about life even in the most plain language. One picture, one song, as long as it touched you, it is worth to be shared with us all Don't let the inspiring moments of your life be washed away by time. Write it down, cherish it and share it. "Life is like a box of chocolate". We hope Life's Window can be the box that hold those beautiful moments for you.

Life's Window is also about the arts in everyday life. It's editing is fully open which means besides regular columns, we are also willing to add new columns according to the content of your article. Our five regular columns are: News Clippings, Crit que's Corner, Life's Scrap Book, the Essence of Literature and For Your Info. We also welcome you to make comments and suggestions in the guest book on our home page: America) or

British writer Somerset Maugham used to write: sometimes you feel that you have the most beautiful and profound things to say but no one to tell. Therefore, each one of us is lonely, walking side by side but not together. We are here to tell you that ife's Window is listening and will provide you an arena to share your most beautiful and profound things with others so that we can all be together.

The followings are some rules that will apply to your contributions:

a. All contributed articles must be written in Chinese. A few English words in the article is acceptable;
b. Length of article is unlimited. However, articles that are more than 3000 words will be published in sections over several issues after discussion with the author.
c. Contributions can not be formerly put on-line in other CCSSA home pages.
d. The selection of articles will be collectively decided by all editors
e. Editors reserve the right to modify and edit articles to accommodate the format of the magazine
f. All contributions, please send to

For each contributor, we will present you with a printed version of Life's Window by mail to express our sincere gratification.

Huang Hong
The Life's Window Magazine

08/11/99 08:20:20
Name: Wang Fengbo
My Email: Email Me
Subject:: Fussballturnier '99


**** Bitte weiter Sagen!!!******

Feiyang-Cup Fussballturnier fuer alle
Chinesen in Deutschland findet in
diesem Jahr bald wieder statt!

Wann: Ende September /Amfang Oktober 99

Wo: Frankfurt/M oder Mainz

chinesische Studenten in allen deutschen Universitten
knnten Mannschaften organisieren und mitmachen.
Es gibt zuschuesse fuer Fahrkosten und etc..

Anmelden bitte bei Herrn Wang Fengbo

Tel.: 06131-384332 oder durch
email :

08/09/99 12:29:08
Name: Katherine Young
My Email: Email Me
Subject:: Re : Green Card ( Immigration to Canada )

Dear friends,

Greeting from Canada ! I found your address in Alumni Association, sorry
to write to you without advanced notice.

Being an English major of Foreign Language Department of Shandong
University, I graduated in 1992 and moved to Vancouver, Canada as a landed

It did not take long for me to realize how different life quality can be
in North America ( esp. for computer related job, people make around or over
US$ 50,000 every year ) from that back in China and how comparatively loose
Canada immigration policy is (Green Card), I trust immigration to Canada is
an excellent investment for most Chinese ! In order to help more people
start a new life, I set up my own company with Canadian immigration lawyer
here and are providing high quality service at a most reasonable rate.

Taking independent immigration application(skilled worker) as an example,
we provide a full service package at a US$3000 rate for applicants living
outside of North America. Please note our services also include FREE
SETTLEMENT SERVICE(airport pickup,first night free accommodation, helping
with house-renting and social insurance card and medical care card
application, etc.which many companies charge additional US$500 for
doing).For applicants living in the U.S and Canada, we charge only US$2000
for one case including all free services.Apart from all this, you are able
to get our free immigration information package(updated 20 pages in Chinese)
and a free qualification assessment.It is based on absolute confidence that
we welcome you to make up your mind after comparing our services to all
others.We also would like to let you know that immigration policy is getting
tight, Canada is going to set up certain limits for applicants majoring in
computer, natural science research and all kinds of engineers late this year
or early next year, we suggest related friends make up your mind ASAP.

If you or your friends are interested in moving out and starting a brand
new life,or intend to grab a quick ID and then work and live in America,
just leave their name and mailing address by E-mail or by fax, we will send
them our information package for free. Top quality service is guaranteed,
and no obligation is required.

You may also get our information package by calling our liaison at
0531-6082738 or 0532-4637480 ( inside China ). After reading our information
package,you will find how sincere and trustworthy we are.Should you have any
questions, please do not hesitate to put forward.

We wish everyone of you best of luck ! Please take care and stay in

Yours truly,

Katherine Young of
Maple Road Inc.
985 E.41st Avenue,
Vancouver, B.C.
Canada V5W 1P8
Tel: (604)322-3359
E-mail :

07/08/99 17:06:42
Name: Ke Cai My URL: Visit Me
My Email: Email Me Subject:: Chinese woman's soccer team

Dear Chinese fellows:

A historical event is coming. Chinese woman's soccer team is
likely to win the first soccer world cup in China's sports history!

As one of the oldest Chinese eMagazine on the Web, Feng Hua
Yuan ( would like to be with all oversea Chinese
to witness this exciting moment.

On behalf of Feng Hua Yuan, I am glad to announce that Feng Hua
Yuan is planning a special issue to report how oversea Chinese are
involved in cheering and supporting our woman's soccer team, and
how they celebrate the victory if China beats America.

We would like to know from you your local activities relating to this
event. If your organization would like to write a congratulation letter to
our woman's soccer team, we will be happy to publish it. (Even though
our team would not win, we should still show our respects to our heroines,
shouldn't we? The girls have done an excellent job.)
Please send your submissions in Chinese to

We are looking forward to hearing from you.

Best regards,

Ke Cai
for FHY
Your Friend in Cyberspace!

P.S. Submissions in Chinese would be greatly appreciated.

06/29/99 20:25:26
Name: Joe Tan My URL: Visit Me
My Email: Email Me Subject:: Nice getting to know this web site

We are trying to get to know as many Chinese web site as possible to create mutual links for the benefit of all Huaren who need to find contact Huaren in any countries.

Please visit

We also publish a monthly news letter in electronic forms and is distributed world wide free.

Thos wanting copy please let me know.

Joe Tan
Co-Founder of World Huaren Federation

06/17/99 11:25:15
Name: Carsten R. Daus My URL:
My Email: Email Me Subject:: NEW: China-Club Mitgliedschaft/Membership

Liebe China Freundin, lieber China Freund,

nach vielen Anfragen ist es endlich soweit. Der China-Club bietet jetzt auch kostenlose Mitgliedschaften fuer Alle, die an China interessiert sind. Einfach auf der China-Club Homepage anmelden und schon koennen Sie von den vielen Vorteilen dieser kostenlo en, unverbindlichen und jederzeit kuendbaren Mitgliedschaft profitieren:
- aktuelle Informationen per eMail
- Hinweise und Einladungen zu Veranstaltungen
- Informationsaustausch zwischen den Mitgliedern (weltweit)
- Internationale Brief- und eMail-Freundschaften
- Newsletter
- Chat-Room
- eigene eMail-Adresse
- und vieles mehr ...

Der Mitgliederbereich ist nur Mitgliedern zugaenglich (Passwort geschuetzt)! Ich wuerde mich freuen auch Sie in unserer Gemeinschaft begruessen zu koennen. In diesem Sinne wuensche ich Ihnen weiterhin viel Spass mit der China-Club Homepage und verbleibe

mit freundlichen Gruessen

Carsten R. Daus

06/17/99 09:23:33
Name: Nina Watson
My Email: Email Me
Subject:: Job Opportunities

Good Morning, My name is Nina Watson. I work for a company called Communications Cabling and Technologies based out of Washington, DC. Our company is currently looking for technical people to work for us on projects both internationally and nationally. Do you know people in your area who might be interested? Will you forward this email onto them and copy us so we may follow-up with them? Thank you for any assistance you may be able to provide.

Nina Watson


We are CC&T, Inc., (Communications, Cabling & Technology), a 15-year-old company headquartered in the U.S.. Our Technical Deployment division installs technical projects around the world in local and federal government offices, military installations, and commercial offices. Some of our clients include Lockheed Martin, MCI-Worldcom, EDS, IBM, DynCorp, and Unisys.

We have opportunities for technicians all over the US and the world - especially in remote cities and regions. The projects may require only a few hours or a few days. Having a flexible schedule is important, but we expect to have a variety of opportuniti s to accommodate differing availabilities.

We are looking for a variety of skills - from cabling experience and hardware installation to software upgrades and router configurations. When specialized tools are required we will ship tools and materials to you and on many projects we will have comput r based training that is specific to the project.

The rate is from $15 to $35 per hour depending on the technician's location and experience and depending on the specific requirements of the project. We would treat you as temporary part-time employee for payroll reporting purposes unless other arrangemen s have been made. So that we can match the proper skills to each project, it is important that you complete a form at our web site, Simply select the "Employment" button. We have tried to minimize the form as much as possible, but neverth less we do need the information so we can use your skills effectively. It should take less than three minutes. If you have more questions you can contact the project manager, Sean Hart, at the numbers provided below:

Attn: Sean Hart
Direct-dial Telephone: 703-414-7116
Toll Free Telephone: 877-TechDep

Since we are looking for several people with varying skills at each location, feel free to forward this to, as many people as you know that might be interested. For future reference and ease in communication, please provide us with your email address. If ou do not have access to email, please let us know.

Again, thank you for your interest and remember you must fill out the form to be considered. There is no obligation for filling out the form. We will contact you shortly regarding your application.

06/17/99 09:19:48
Name: Xiaohe Li My URL:
My Email: Email Me Subject:: Deadline of GCI'99 is coming!

Computer science is changing everyday. If you want to
- present your current research and development results
- get more newest information in short time
- know more new Chinese friends

Please come to GCI'99!

Important Dates of GCI'99:
Registration of participation: June 30, 1999
Receipt of abstract and self-introduction: July 31, 1999
For detailed info of GCI'99 please see

Because of room reservation we have to inform the hostel Darmstadt the number of participants in advance.

All participants of GCI'99 may get a receipt (Bescheinigung) for the revenue office (Finanzamt) to reduce your income-tax (Einkommensteuer).

06/14/99 01:22:29
Name: Darryl Hamil
My Email: Email Me
Subject:: Green Card Representative


My name is Darryl Hamil and I am with Investnow USA Mediaworld Inc. We are seeking representatives in China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Korea, Malaysia, and Russia who can help us solicit investors that are interested in investing in American Internet companies prior to these companies being listed on an American stock exchange(i.e, going public). Many Billions of dollars have been made in the past 2 years with internet companies beign listed on American Stock exchanges, and many more Billions are going to be made in the next few years.

As a representative, you will have an opportunity to earn between $1000 and $1500US commission per investor that you sign up to participate. Furthermore, each individual investor will have an opportunity to qualify for a US visa and green card after the company they have invested money in goes public in the United States. This is because the small investment(purchase of stock) that they make initially will be worth substantially more after the Initial Public Offering, and will thus qualify that investor for a special "Immigration Investor Visa and Green card" program. Moreover, we are seeking to advertise our opportunity in publications in China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan. Any assistance that you may be able to provide would be greatly appreciated. Thank you. You may contact us directly by e-mail or telephone. Please let me know if you are interested in becoming a representative for our company. Thank you again. Do not reply to this e-mail, instead send an e-mail directly to the e-mail address below. Thank you.

Darryl Hamil
Investnow USA Mediaworld

End of Messages